Moorhead Lodge No. 126

 Moorhead Lodge No. 126  


What is a Mason?


A Mason is a man who professes a faith in God. As a man of faith, he uses the tools of moral and ethical truths to serve mankind.

A Mason binds himself to like-minded men in a Brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, social, cultural, and educational differences.

In fellowship with his Brothers, a Mason finds ways in which to serve his God, his family, his fellowman, and his country.

A Mason is dedicated. He recognizes his responsibility for justice, truth, charity, enlightenment, freedom and liberty, honesty and integrity in all aspects of human endeavor.

A Mason is such a man.

In the interest of public health and safety, our Saturday morning pancake breakfasts have been cancelled for the remainder of the season. We will resume the breakfasts in the fall. Thank you for your support and understanding.